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The best ideas can come from anywhere. Have an idea that will make a change for the college, a class, the community? Idea Trek gives you a place to test idea viability and propel you quickly to take your next step.

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Big or small, we want to hear what you've dreamed up.

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Vote and comment on ideas. Our team will support and research your idea’s potential.

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Our team will connect viable ideas with the right people to drive them forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Idea Trek is a both a platform and a service that supports the development and intake of ideas - to quickly assess their potential, determine where they go next, and give the college and idea owners the supporting evidence to drive them forward. This site offers a transparent look at ideas already in process, and invites you to comment, collaborate, and make them better.

Any and all ideas are welcomed. “Should we look  into this?” is the only guiding question at this stage. When submitting an idea, there are a few fields you should try to fill out that help us understand the broader context of your idea and give us a position to start from. Those fields are:

  • Title
  • Describe your idea
  • Does your idea have funding? (this will not influence decisions to support/not support the idea)
  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • How might this idea solve it?
  • Who would benefit from this idea? Who are your stakeholders? 
  • What are some potential barriers to addressing the problem or opportunity? 

Several departments on campus already have their own processes for projects and new ideas. Idea Trek does not aim to replace those avenues for beginning projects. Ideas that straddle multiple departments, involve a large degree of uncertainty, or do not fit into particular areas of campus are good fits for Idea Trek. The Innovation Team aims to give every idea a fair evaluation in a reasonable amount of time. Ideas that are determined to be best continued by particular departments or groups on campus will be referred and leave the Idea Trek process. If an idea addresses one of the Big Shifts, it may qualify to proceed into the Incubator where it can be further tested and explored before significant resources or changes are made.

Many ideas have been submitted over the last year. To see ideas that have proceeded through the process, head to the Idea Trek platform and select [Idea Trek] or [Incubator] from the links at top of the page. These links take you to the different processes and allows you to filter by stage using the Campaign Funnel section on right side of the page. Alternatively, here is a link directly to the Idea Trek campaign.

Check out the recent ideas on the platform and let us know what you think! Vote for your favorite ideas or give constructive feedback through comments.

We will do our best to keep idea owners informed about progress on their ideas. Our work begins with an Opportunity Assessment, which is a structure that helps us evaluate the potential of each idea. This involves reaching out to any stakeholders identified, seeking comment, and other forms of research and analysis on a case by case basis. We aim to complete this process within a month of idea submission, though that is not always possible. Once done, we will send the Opportunity Assessment back out to you and the other stakeholders to make sure we have represented you fairly. After any edits, we'll post the OA and our recommendation back on Idea Trek for anyone to see. 

Idea Trek is an evolving and experimental process. We are working to become more efficient and keep idea owners more informed about the progress of their ideas. We are open to feedback and constructive criticism of our process.

The easiest way to get involved is to submit your ideas and help spread the word. More engagement increases the likelihood that ideas are seen as high priorities. If you're a student, look for opportunities to join the Innovation Team as members graduate or leave.